Initial Project Proposal

Yogaview level 2 teacher training research project, Winter 2010/2011:

Mulabandha! (Hara! {?}) Pelvic floor in yoga!

This is the direction I’d like to go with my research project… I will use a three-pronged approach, including (1) research in books like ‘Moola Bandha, The Master Key’, (2) interviews with friends/practitioners/teachers, and (3) insights from my yoga practice.

I think I’d like to include the book, ‘Centering Down’ by Dona Holleman. Here is a picture of the cover so you might immediately see its potential relevance:

Centering Down, by Dana Holleman

And here is a quote:

“The sacrum is the “holy bone”: The lower abdomen (between navel and pubic bone) should be in contact with the sacrum. Where they meet within the pelvic bowl is the Svadisthana Chakra (self-energizing earth center), or Hara. This is the center of gravity.”

Also some of the positionings of the body shown in the book remind me of some of the things we did with Richard Freeman on Sunday of the recent workshop to locate mulabandha. So I think it might also contribute well to my quest even though she doesn’t seem to use the term “mulabandha”.

Thanks for reading my proposal!

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One Response to Initial Project Proposal

  1. Nikki Chau says:

    Kudos to you for reading Dona’s book! Good luck with the research and your project.

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