What do I mean by “mulabandha”?

I’m writing this post because I’d like to give form to my quest for mulabandha.

I am casting my net a little wider than the confines of “lifting the pelvic floor” during yoga practice, even though this might be an important component of mulabandha. But this vague instruction might also lead to indiscriminate gripping at the base of the body, which might not be helpful for yoga practice or health.

Questing for mulabandha requires sensitivity and willingness to listen deeply to your own body.

What I’m looking for is a greater sense of awareness in my pelvis. This includes mobilizing energy from the base of my body.

When I was first getting really excited about delving into yoga, I discovered that I had very little awareness from my waist/low back down. It was as if that part of my body was sleeping. Trying to lift my hips over my shoulders in headstand was like hoisting a sleeping porpoise up there—nothing doing. Over time, with the help of my teachers, I began to get some control. Many years later, my low back seems to be a lot smarter than it used to be.

The pelvic floor is the next uncharted realm that I’m working on in my yoga practice. And this location for inquiry includes other aspects of this part of the body including symbolic and sexual.

So this should be a fun project!

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