Mula Stars

I was so excited to discover that there are Mula stars in the sky in an article about the recent Lunar Eclipse at Elephant Journal last week.

In Vedic Astrology, the Nakshastras are 27 constellations in the sky, also known as “lunar mansions.” The Nakshastras represent the wives of the moon, and one of these is called “Mula.”

“the root”
0 – 13°20 Sagittarius
Deity: Nirriti, goddess of misery
Symbol: tied up bunch of roots, lion’s tail
Shakti: the power to destroy or damage
Basis Above: to break
Basis Below: to crush
Result: destruction

Mula people like to take things apart, literally destroy them, before they create anything. Mula natives are focused on getting to the root of a concept, situation or thing so they inevitably must destroy most of the thing to get at its essence. Mula is a constellation at the middle of the Milky Way, so these natives become intensely interested in their object of study and penetrate the core of whatever it is that they are focused upon. They like to uncover secret knowledge. Because of the naturally difficult aspects of this Nakshatra, Mula natives are prone to experience utter loss and disappointment at some time in their lives. As this is happening, Nirriti will give a healing salve to those in distress. She is also protector of those people who are mentally and physically disabled. The Mula person will confront fear and it will flee. A Mula person has an inner warrior that can confront anything. Prominent Mula people are Henri Matisse and Krishnamurti.
~The Nakshatras: 27 Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

I think I recognize some aspect of myself in this description of Mula. I welcome my “inner warrior”!

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