Why Mula Stars are so Exciting and Scary

My discovery of Mula stars in Vedic astrology was so exciting because I had been thinking of mula like a root.

A root digs in and explores the depths of darkness to find its nourishment, and a star emanates light. A mula star—what a cool combination of concepts!

As I root my conscious awareness into the depths of pelvic darkness, may I also shine with a brighter light.

And it’s scary because it is also such an aggressive symbol of tearing something apart in order to build something new. I’m not always comfortable with this aspect of power.

However, building is on the other side of destruction. And, even so, I am still not comfortable with taking something apart. Imagine looking at the ashes, and saying, “What now?” Easy, right?

This mula stuff is serious business.

And I think of the metaphor of where the mula is considered to be on the body: at the very base of the torso where lots of evacuation happens–poop, pee and so on… It is at the very deciding point: this stuff is no longer a part of “me.”

Around 19:47 in this video at Elephant by Sam Geppi things get really interesting in terms of explaining mula and power. Mula means root, but it really means “to uproot” difficulty, ignorance and darkness according to Geppi, even as it also refers to “root”.

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One Response to Why Mula Stars are so Exciting and Scary

  1. this is so interesting to me. As an artist, I find that tearing apart something and re-creating something new from the remains is incredibly healing and beautiful. I think emotionally we/I go through this process daily…breaking up the soil of old patterns that no longer serve me, turning it, turning my heart and mind…all part of cultivating mySelf so that the roots of my being have more space to grow.

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