Inner Sanctum of the Pelvis

The pelvis contains an inner sanctum, I think. It is the home of ecstatic life-producing energy that participates in literally creating (and birthing) other lives, and supporting and inspiring the life of the being whose pelvis it is. It is a marvelous place! …the pelvic portal.

I’m thinking about how to best represent the Pubococcygeus, its friendly handle being “the PC muscle”. This is a muscle (or muscle pair made of two pubococcygei muscles that together make a “thick fibromuscular layer”) that Richard Freeman regularly referred to in his recent workshop at Yogaview in Chicago.

I have been finding the activation of this muscular connection between the coccyx, or tailbone (that lives just above the anus) and the pubis (bony place at the base of the torso in the front) to be so helpful. Learning to communicate about this helpful engagement in yoga is interesting because it happens right in the crotch!

Recently, when I was talking to a group of yoga student friends I’ve known for a while about activating the pc muscle, one of them gleefully exclaimed “kegels” and it’s true: pc muscles are a part of kegels. PC muscles help to control urine flow (stop it from flowing) and play a part in orgasms.

And this is where things can seem to get tricky. We’re not usually talking about excreting and orgasms in yoga class, and these are integral parts of pelvic function, as well as important aspects of having a healthy body and joyful life.

So, what to do?

I think the answer is to embrace the truth! …nothing to be ashamed of! The answer is to accept and integrate all aspects of our selves into conscious awareness.

Another part of the answer has to do with having sensitivity. The pelvis in yoga brings up conversations that we may not be accustomed to having in public places. And that’s okay. We don’t necessarily need to talk about our pelvises all of the time, either.

There is a time and a place for everything!

And how to talk about and better understand the workings of this pelvic inner sanctum is something that I am actively cultivating: this is the time and the place for me!

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