Mulabandha Wants Breakfast!

Owl Breakfast

You have to serve your mulabandha. Oh, mulabandha, what can I do for you today? I would like breakfast. So you get mulabandha breakfast. Now I would like you to write a letter…You don’t do mulabandha. Just like if you’re a servant in a palace, you don’t do the king or queen. Well, you do, but it has a different meaning. You attend to mulabandha. You sit there and feel the glow. Her manifestation is so glorious that your mind is completely stunned. You don’t want to get entangled with that. It’s like getting involved with a movie star. That’s never a good idea.
~ Neal Pollack, quoting Richard Freeman in the post, To Serve Mulabandha.

Mulabandha Wants Breakfast!

I think that this is how it is. When a core issue is challenged: this is when we are more likely to react in a way that is out of our conscious control.

And mulabandha, situated as it is at the base and core of our bodies, and symbolically representing the root of all of our actions is in a position to tell us things about ourselves, rather than the other way around.

So I think, at this moment, that it’s best to practice with this attitude. And perhaps when attempting to use muscular control to hold mulabandha, it should be just that: making a cradle to hold the beautiful light of essence, rather than trying to actually control this wild energy at the origin of impulses.

This is hard for me because I am a control freak. Like, maybe I think that it’s dinner time when mulabandha wants breakfast. In other words, I think that my mind wants to think it is further along than it is, as if my mind really knows what is best for me. But, I suspect that this world has lessons for me that I need to be ready to embrace, even though difficult.

I suspect that I don’t even understand the flavor of my lunch, and I somehow think that I’m ready to be seated at the finest table for my dinner—sounds like a false thought.

Maybe it’s just breakfast time. (I actually love breakfast.)


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