The Pelvic Palace

Hara (self-energizing earth centre within the pelvic bowl) is the rock on which we build the temple of the body. Those who are centered in the chest have too much ego and those who are centered in the head have too much intellect. The chest and head must rest on and be stabilized in the center of gravity.
~ Dona Holleman, Centering Down

As I’ve been walking around recently, and tuning into the energy of my pelvis it has taken me into some new experiences of myself.

The pelvis is a cozy, nurturing and grounding place. (The picture of the pelvis below is one I colored in about 10 years ago from The Anatomy Coloring Book.)
The buddha’s childhood was set in a palace. His early life was set up so that he would not know the suffering of the people who lived outside the palace walls. The palace of the buddha’s childhood was protected.

This is how I feel about the consciousness of the pelvis—protected and safe. Maybe this is why babies like to hang out there before they are born. It is a nice place.

Over the last month or so I have been dealing with some challenges that certainly could be psychologically destabilizing—and I have had my moments, believe me. You know, things like a difficult financial awakening, a health scare (I’m fine, though.), and I think that it’s accurate to say that I’ve had a realization regarding ineptitude in love.

So that’s challenges in:
Love + Finances + Health = A total challenge to the core.

As I’ve been walking around with this awareness, I have felt strangely safe in my pelvic palace. Good feelings emanate even as I am walking on what would seem to be unsure ground. I feel more confident than I ever remember feeling.

And I think it’s related to feeling safe in the awareness of my pelvic palace (as well as the many beautiful friends I meet with throughout the course of my days who give me courage.). As I walk around it’s almost as if my pelvis invisibly expands to contain my heart and mind, so they too, might rest in the stable calm of the pelvis.

And I just believe that things are going to work out. I will resolve my financial problem. I will probably live for a very long time. And I will love (a personal love) again.

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One Response to The Pelvic Palace

  1. ‘Pelvic palace’ is just such a wonderful phrase! I am so going to keep this language in my mind…thank you!

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