Why I prefer “sexual” to “creative” for the wild energy in yoga.

Nobel of the blog, Yoga in the Dragon’s Den wrote a post yesterday (Practice Report, Confessions of a Yogic Prude) that included a response to my article at Elephant Journal (The Sex of Yoga and Joy of Everyday Life). A wonderful conversation also ensued on his blog.

He expressed a difficulty with the word “sexual” to describe the energy in yoga, preferring “creative” to describe this energy. And I think that you can use this word to describe it, but the word “sexual” is more accurate for what I was trying to describe in the post at Elephant.

In my lexicon the word “creative” has largely sold out. I received an art education, and went out into the world of creative professionals whose job it is to make surprising products that sell, or to slap a new spin on a classic product (of course there is so much more to it). ‘Creative’ became something you offer outward for sale.

Sex energy is carnal and embodied, “creative” energy much less so in my experience of the word. Sex energy is vibrant and personal, you feel it.

Sex gets our attention, for sure, but might there be a good reason for this beyond the survival of our species? I think that there might be a good reason that sex grabs our attention, and that we largely try to minimize its presence in life to try to fit in with how we think we are supposed to be in different situations.

Sex energy is still private and personal. Even if you see pictures of sex your sex is still your personal experience. Sex energy is still free, while creative energy is often harnessed to make a product. So is sex creative energy? Yes. However what sexual energy represents in terms of wildness and freedom more accurately describes what I want to say about yoga.

Embodied yoga energy is wild and free; it cannot be contained by a mental image, and has something to teach us. Similar to sex.

I like OvO’s comment on the Yoga Dragon Den post:

“Mulabandha… sexual?

My sense of MB (which has a lot to do with lifting the cervix, all this anu-talk around Mysore this week notwithstanding) is that yes, sexual. But only rarely in the “gotta get off” sense… and potentially, after that bringing shakti up to shiva stuff has really happened, sexual in a general ecstatic (or, like you said, creative) sense.”

Here’s a picture of where this “lifting the cervix” stuff from OvO’s comment happens in yoga from Moola Bandha, The Master Key, by Swami Buddhananda:

Female Moola Bandha from 'Moola Bandha, The Master Key'

Looks like a sexual energy hot-spot to me. (Location 2 is mulabandha; according to this book it is at the cervix, between the vagina and womb.)

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2 Responses to Why I prefer “sexual” to “creative” for the wild energy in yoga.

  1. Nobel says:

    Nice post! Yes, I can certainly see how the word “creative” has sold out. I’m probably not so aware of this because I’m not in the “creative” business. I’m in academia, and I think that in academia it’s the word “critical” (as in “critical thinking/analysis”) that has sold out.

    But this is neither here nor there. I agree with you that “[e]ven if you see pictures of sex your sex is still your personal experience.” The trouble, I think, is that at some point, the word “sex energy” is going to sell out too, when it has sufficiently entrenched itself into the mainstream media. And then it will become just another sound bite. In fact, with all these Yoga Journal spies (you guys out there, you know who you are :-)) crawling around the blogosphere, I wouldn’t be surprised if “sex energy” appears in the next issue of YJ!

    When that happens, we basically have two options. Either (1) We come up with another new word to describe this illusive yogic energy (what would this be?), or (2) We reclaim words from the spin doctors and make them our own again. I think this is what I was trying to do when I chose to call it “creative energy.” 🙂

  2. jens says:

    Sex + Creation = Primal
    Creation + Primal = Sex
    Primal + Sex = Creation….
    Triangle pose…
    It is of living that we strive to continue creating life!
    Maybe Im feeling sexual, primitive, or creative… I had better know myself before I try to create “my own experience” or, choose to seek it along the way. See if it comes from the root, gut, heart, or mind…etc.

    From which center am I trying to create from? Naturally we want to “connect” with others at the root as humans and that always “gets us off” the quickest and best. We can even do that for ourselves. In my gut I know what I want and have expectations of myself and others. In my heart I know how I want others to feel about me and how I “feel” about others. Our minds have such personalized aspects that only we can only know ourselves.

    How do I feel when I think about hardened nipples during Warrior II or boners in Camel Pose? I feel “turned on” in many different primal ways.

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