Who rode in on the starship uterus?

I did!!

And I’m here to say hallelujah! So glad I made it!

I came here to live my life and to experience things is my own particular and unique way. Yay!

And to literally “go where no one has gone before…

I am absolutely my happiest when I am exploring my gifts with a positive attitude. Sharing my joy…

And here she is:

Starship Uterus

Isn’t she beautiful!

This is a picture of Leslie Howard’s model of the starship uterus! And I had the great honor of dining with and talking with Leslie just yesterday. She is one of the top yoga teachers and a champion for the health of women!

I see myself getting back onboard the starship (metaphorically speaking) to create some more posts for mulabloga, as well as workshops on related topics that will explore ideas like femininity, anatomy, and essence.

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2 Responses to Who rode in on the starship uterus?

  1. Janice says:

    Looking forward to your continued exploration in this area, Brooks! You and Leslie are an inspiration of female empowerment! Namaste!

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