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What is Mulabandha?

I’m nearing the official “endpoint” for my research project (but I’ll probably continue this blog and exploration for some time), and people are asking me, “So, what is mulabandha?” I’ll work on forming my answer here—it’ll just be a partial … Continue reading

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Pondering Pelvic Evolution

Humans and other primates are in principle quadrupeds, whose legs were stretched horizontally backward and then rotated by 90 degrees. Suddenly the weight of the inner organs lay no longer on the abdominal wall, but on the pelvis. In order … Continue reading

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The Pelvic Palace

Hara (self-energizing earth centre within the pelvic bowl) is the rock on which we build the temple of the body. Those who are centered in the chest have too much ego and those who are centered in the head have … Continue reading

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Inner Sanctum of the Pelvis

The pelvis contains an inner sanctum, I think. It is the home of ecstatic life-producing energy that participates in literally creating (and birthing) other lives, and supporting and inspiring the life of the being whose pelvis it is. It is … Continue reading

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What’s Up Down There?

This is the first book that I’ve read for project mulabloga: What’s Up Down There? by Lissa Rankin, M.D. The base of the pelvis isn’t just a scientific landmark. It is also a wellspring of sensation and associations. Back when … Continue reading

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