A Whole New Body Part!

Sarah the doggie shows her stuff.

During my yoga practice today I felt as though I had a whole new body part. It has certainly been awakening in glimmers of awareness over some time, but today I felt as though I had something distinct and powerful “down there”.

Sarah, in the above picture, has a nice tail that helps her dynamic movement through space. Alas, people just have a puny tailbone, also known as the coccyx at the base of the spine, and sometimes it is called a vestigial tail. A tail that is a poor excuse for the majesty of a tail like Sarah’s.

But no, my awareness didn’t really have anything to do with a tail in any kind of literal way.

What I felt was a distinctly stabilizing engagement in my pelvic floor, between the pubic bone and tailbone that lifted up and into my body, like an inverse tail. Sarah’s tail reaches out of her backside to stabilize her movements, and my experience of a clear engagement at the floor of my pelvis between my legs that lifted into my core provided ballast for the opening of my upper body in a backbend. Pure and fascinating bliss that seemed to work in symphony with the strength in my inner legs.

One of the earlier backbends definitely had a practically erotic current running through it, but as that energy cleared I began to clarify and go deeper.

My “new body part” is actually something that has been a part of me the whole time I have been practicing yoga, but articulating and sensing a clear activation was really cool.

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2 Responses to A Whole New Body Part!

  1. I had a yoga teacher once who, in talking about the tail bone, said it was unfortunate that, through the processes of evolution, we lost our tails, since they would making lying impossible…

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