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This post is a talk I gave as a presentation of my research project to my friends in the Level 2 Teacher Training at Yogaview. “Mula.” The meanings of this word include root, origin and mule. “Bandha” is often interpreted … Continue reading

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Why I prefer “sexual” to “creative” for the wild energy in yoga.

Nobel of the blog, Yoga in the Dragon’s Den wrote a post yesterday (Practice Report, Confessions of a Yogic Prude) that included a response to my article at Elephant Journal (The Sex of Yoga and Joy of Everyday Life). A … Continue reading

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Mulabandha* has Indian Roots.

It is of note, to me, that during this time of questioning “the nature and origins of postural yoga (asana),” (as it is stated on the back of Mark Singleton’s 2010 book, Yoga Body) that somehow I have chosen to … Continue reading

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